How to Clear Student Fees

STEP 1: Access webpage.


Step 2: Click on the tab located on the side labeled “myWallace Selma”


Step 3: Click in the box that says click here to access myWallaceSelma(OneACCS) Account. Note:  One you click on it will direct you to click it again.


Step 4:  NOTE: The first time you access your myWallaceSelma account, your USER ID will be your ID number (‘A’ Number). Your PIN will be your birthday in the mmddyy format.  For example, if your birthdate is October 1, 2019, your initial PIN will be 100119. After logging in the first time you will be required to change your PIN to a new 6-digit number. Please pick a number you can easily remember. Next, you will be taken to a page where you will reconfirm your new PIN and then build your custom Security Question and Answer.  Make sure it is also something you can easily remember.

Step 5:  Once you are logged in then, go to   then, Then at the bottom  select


Step 6:  The webpage will direct you to a different page that should look like this


Step 7: Click on Student the Banner ID and Banner Pin will be the same as your OneACCS login portal.