The Information Processing option is designed to prepare graduates to be secretaries or administrative assistants. There are secretarial openings available in virtually every phase of commerce. Secretaries and administrative assistants work in banks, insurance companies, wholesale and retail establishments, educational institutions, and government organizations as well as the professional offices of doctors, lawyers and accountants. In order to properly prepare for these positions, the computer is incorporated into the legal and medical transcription classes. Speedwriting is taught to supply the entering, prospective, or returning secretary with the ability to take notes from dictation for use in the office by information processing personnel. The student must demonstrate ability in taking dictation and in transcribing letters, memorandums, and reports. Other skills such as the ability to spell, punctuate, use correct grammar, compose routine letters, and operate the computer are also emphasized. Completion of this program will enable a student to efficiently handle all common office procedures.

The student must have at least a “C” average in OAD 104, OAD 200, OAD 202, and OAD 214 to receive this certificate or degree. In addition, the student must have at least an overall “C” average.