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The State of Alabama's public two-year community and technical college, Marion Military Institute (MMI) and the Alabama Technology (ATN) are charged with providing effective and efficient avenues for employees, community members, and other interested parties to address complaints.

Complainants seeking to file a report of noncompliance of federal or state law, or system policy should first address the problem by utilizing the Wallace Community College (WCCS) local complaint process. Complainants choosing to lodge a complaint may file a formal complaint by submitting a completed WCCS Formal Complaint Form to Human Resources Coordinator, Mrs. Colleen Dixon. Only completed, signed and dated complaint forms will be reviewed. complainants will receive a written response within seven to fourteen days. Complainants should exhaust all avenues available through the local WCCS complaint process prior to initiating the Alabama Community College System (ACCS) Formal Complaint Process. If the local avenue of resolution included appeal rights to the ACCS Chancellor, then the Chancellor's decision is deemed final and a complainant may not file a complaint using this process.

Complaints of allegation of fraud, malfeasance, presidential misconduct, or other case specific instances, where the local grievance process may not result in an unbiased evaluation, may be filed directly with the Alabama Community College System Legal Division by using the ACCS Formal Complaint Form available at www.accs.edu. The Legal Division will only review completed, signed and dated complaint forms. The Legal Division will issue a written response within a reasonable time usually between 30 to 45 business days. Complaints filed using this mechanism may be mailed to:

Alabama Community College System (ACCS)
Legal Division-Confidential Formal Complaint
Post Office Box 302130
Montgomery, AL 36130-2130

The names of complainants will be kept confidential.
This process should not be used to:

a. Initiate ADA complaint. Contact Gloria Simmons, ADA Coordinator
b. Initiate harassment or discrimination complaints. Contact Donitha Griffin, Sr. Personnel Officer
c. Initiate an employee grievance. Contact Human Resource Coordinator
d. Initiate a student complaint. Contact Donitha Griffin, Dean of Students