Commercial Truck Driver (CDL) Training

Wallace Community College’s-Selma Commercial Vehicle Driving Course is an eight-week program that will help you develop the necessary skills needed to obtain a CDL Class A license. The program is designed to provide students an opportunity to acquire the basic skills, knowledge, and fortitude to become an entry-level employee in the commercial truck driving field. The curriculum is based on the Department of Transportation Model Program for Truck Driving Training. Upon successful completion of the program, the student will be able to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), operate a tractor-trailer unit, and be knowledgeable of the rules and regulations of the trucking industry. Careers in Gear Trucking Scholarship – Third party organization that provides scholarships for CDL Training programs. See details and application at

Program Entry Requirement

  • Valid driver license
  • At least 21 years of age for a Class A CDL
  • Successfully pass a DOT physical
  • Successfully pass a chain-of-custody drug screen
  • Present an acceptable Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)

Expected Expenses

Payable to the College Before Class StartsTuition$3,000
Payable to Outside Sources Before Class StartsDOT Physical & Drug Screen$100-$175
Motor Vehicle Report$5.75
Payable to Various Vendors During ClassCDL Written Test$25
CDL Learner’s Permit$36.25
CDL Driver’s License   $66.25 (Class A)
Log Book$3
Estimated Total Program Cost$3,286,25

Registration Steps

Step 1 – Secure funding
This program is funded with (WIOA) funding. For that reason, WIOA-eligible students will be given admission priority. To see if you qualify for WIOA funding, please contact your local Alabama Career Center. Tell them you are interested in attending the CDL class at Wallace Community College –Selma or Demopolis. It is imperative that you follow through with all the career center requirements. Once you have been certified as WIOA-eligible, they will send you to NACC Skills Training Office to apply. If you are not WIOA-eligible, you may proceed with the program by paying the required tuition and fees. Careers in Gear Trucking Scholarship – Third party organization that provides scholarships for CDL Training programs. See details and application at

Step 2 – Complete Pre-Course Requirements
These items must be completed at least seven days before but no more than 21 days prior to the first day of class.

CDL Permit (To obtain a permit, you must pass three written test at your local driver’s license office.

Test 1- General Knowledge

Test 2- Air Brakes

Test 3- Combination Vehicle

Step 3 Apply for the Program
You may complete a non-credit application at Wallace Community College Admission Office or Demopolis Higher Ed Campus.

Step 4 – Attend an Orientation Session
Orientation sessions are held each month for students interested in pursuing CDL training. At this orientation, you will learn the steps necessary for you to secure your spot in the training program. At the orientation session you will receive a list of requirements and your expected class start date. You must submit all items to the admission Office at least seven days (but no more than 21 days) prior to your class start date.

Bring the following items with you:

  • Social Security Card
  • Driver’s License
  • Tuition payment of $3,000 (unless covered by WIOA scholarship)

Truck Driving Training Study Guide

  1. Alabama Commercial Driver License Manuel
    a)  Section 1. Introduction and Qualifications
    b)  Section 2. Driving Safety
    c)  Section 3. Transporting Cargo Safely
    d)  Section 5. Air Brakes
    e)  Section 6. Combination Vehicles
  2. Practice Questions
    a)  Go To, Use the CDL prep test
    b)  Also, use
    c)  Use the updated test version in the upper left-hand corner in the Main Menu.
    d)  Read Questions carefully!
    e)  Downloadable verison of the Alabama Commerial Driver License (CDL) Handbook
  3. Campus Visit
    a) Wallace- Selma Campus: 3000 Earl Goodwin PKWY, Admission Office
    b) Demopolis Campus : Higher Ed
  4. Contact Person: Calvin Griffin (334) 876-9412

Admission Office: Angelica Williams (334) 876-9295
Workforce Development Office: Dr. Glenn King (334) 876-9420
Adult Ed Office: Lula Snowden (334) 876-9370

Thank you for considering Wallace community College-Selma and Demopolis