The College shares a vision of a learning-centered education that is responsive to the needs of our service area and is manifested by quality teaching, opportunities for learning, effective educational support services, and access to a quality education. Challenged by change and innovation, the College will move forward to create a future responsive to the diverse needs of students, community, and state.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Wallace Community College Selma is expressed in the following beliefs:

● Education is essential to the economic, social, environmental, and political well-being of the citizens of West Central Alabama;

● Education should be made academically, geographically, physically, and financially accessible to all students;

● Wallace Community College Selma is uniquely qualified to deliver excellent and equitable educational opportunities and services;

● Quality education requires unity and cooperation of all stakeholders who work together toward a common goal.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Wallace Community College Selma is to provide high-quality learning centered educational opportunities and services through diverse instructional-delivery modes that are responsive to individual, community, state, and global needs.

Our Goals 2020

  1. Promote and provide teaching and learning environments and experiences that encourage the development of knowledge, skills, behaviors, and values for students in order for them to be successful in the workforce or subsequent education.
    (Quality teaching/Learning)
  2. Provide and promote accessible, affordable quality education and training.
  3. Expand the development of educational and administrative technology that enhance student learning and improve college management processes and functions.
  4. Provide high quality workforce development programs that meet the demands of local employers and enhance the economic development efforts of the state and the region.
    (Workforce and economic development)
  5. Provide staff development and training opportunities that encourage faculty and staff to become more proficient in the delivery of student services, instructional services, and operational services.
    (Professional Development)
  6. Promote student success and development through services consistent with student needs, interests and abilities
    (Student Focus/Services Success)
  7. Provide access to programs and services that strengthen the educational, social and economic life of the diverse community served by the College.
  8. Provide educational opportunities that support a culture of lifelong learning.
    (Community Development and Lifelong Learning)
  9. Expand and enhance the image and reputation of the College through ongoing public and communication effort.
    (Public Relations)
  10. Improve efficient operations of the college.
    (Efficiency of Operations)
  11. Maintain an ongoing program for the recruitment, retention and graduation of students.
    (Enrollment Management)