Dial 9227

A message from The Director of Public Safety: 

Wallace Community College Selma works to help maintain public safety and to protect lives and property by providing law enforcement and security functions through the Wallace Community College Selma Campus Police.  By providing the campus of WCCS with a full‐time police department and educating our inhabitants, we can work together to reduce the chances of becoming victims of crime and avoid misfortunes.  We believe that an informed community is a safe community.  Therefore, Campus Police makes available the Annual Security Report which includes crime statistics and outlines WCCS’s policies and procedures.  As a department we encourage students, faculty, staff and patrons to take time and familiarize themselves with the Annual Security Report.    Campus Police takes pride in providing law enforcement services to the community.  We strive to create a safe environment in which anyone can study, work, and raise a family.    Remember, safety first always and you may contact campus police whenever our services or assistance are needed.  For a copy of this report, you may contact Ms. Rena Watts at 334‐876‐9349 or email at rena.watts@wccs.edu.    

Best Regards,      

Charles J. Dysart II

Chief Charles J. Dysart II
Director of Public Safety  

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