Wallace Community College Selma Secures Nearly $2.9 Million for Healthcare Initiative



Wallace Community College Selma Secures Nearly $2.9 Million for Healthcare Initiative

Selma, Alabama — March 29, 2024 — Wallace Community College Selma (WCCS) has been granted considerable funding worth $2,888,666.65 for the 2023-24 Alabama Centers for Rural Healthcare Opportunity legislative appropriation. This allocation is particularly noteworthy as it was awarded amidst stiff competition from eighteen other colleges requesting funds totaling over $34 million. The targeted areas that will benefit from this initiative are Marengo, Dallas, Sumter, Hale, and Greene Counties. The proposed program, the WCCS Healthcare Pathways Initiative (HPI), is expected to address the significant healthcare workforce shortages in these underserved areas.

Initially located at the Wallace Community College Higher Education Center, the WCCS HPI program will eventually move to the Whitfield Regional Hospital in Demopolis, Alabama. Douglas L. Brewer, Chief Executive Officer of Bryan W. Whitfield Memorial Hospital, emphasized the pressing need for healthcare professionals, stating, "The need for nurses continues to grow, making now the right time to pursue a career in nursing in the state of Alabama. This opportunity will allow high school students to get accustomed to college life and train conveniently at the hospital with UAB physicians and other professionals.”

The WCCS HPI program provides work-based skills and training to individuals who want to pursue a career in the healthcare industry. It is designed for dual-enrolled students and incumbent workers within the College's service area. The program aims to equip participants with high-demand healthcare credentials, increasing their chances of employment in the healthcare sector. Additionally, the program seeks to fulfill the community's need for credentialed healthcare providers and reduce unemployment rates within the service area.

Dr. James M. Mitchell, President of Wallace Community College Selma, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "We are thrilled to embark on this initiative that will not only address critical workforce shortages but also empower individuals to pursue fulfilling careers in healthcare."

Dr. Tammie Briggs, Dean of Instruction at WCCS, echoed Dr. Mitchell's sentiments, adding, "The WCCS HPI will play a pivotal role in transforming lives and strengthening our communities by providing essential healthcare training opportunities."

The WCCS HPI curriculum includes theoretical and practical training, covering patient care, educational sessions, and clinical experiences. The program offers various pathways, from Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and Patient Care Technician (PCT) to advanced degrees in Practical Nursing (LPN) and Associate Degree Nursing (ADN), providing numerous opportunities for career growth in the healthcare field.

Alabama is experiencing growth in healthcare employment, and the WCCS Healthcare Pathways Initiative is set to address workforce shortages and improve healthcare access in rural communities.

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Wallace Community College Selma Secures Nearly $2.9 Million for Healthcare Initiative