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Academic Dual Enrollment


Dual Enrollment allows high school students to get a jump start on their college career. Students are afforded the opportunity to earn college credit while earning a high school diploma. Dual Enrollment provide students the ability to adjust to the college environment and course expectations before becoming a full-time college student. College credit will be awarded immediately upon successful completion of the course. 

Eligibility requirements for Dual Enrollment include the following:

•   Must be a student in the 10th, 11th, or 12th grade
•   Have a cumulative “B” average in completed high school courses
•   Have signed consent from parent, the principal, and the local superintendent of education
•   Meet the entrance requirements established by participating post-secondary


Steps to complete the registration and admissions process are included below with corresponding links to the website.

  1. 1

    Submit a WCCS Online Application.

    All prospective dual enrollment students must complete an Admissions Application. If you have never created a user account, please select the  "First-time user account creation" link.

  2. 2

    Complete a Dual Enrollment Permission Forms

    After completing online application. All students enrolling in the Dual Enrollment Program must complete the following:(1.) Eligibility for Dual Enrollment form. This form must be signed by the students’ parents and high school counselor. Also, (2.) a copy of your state-issued ID and transcript must be provided to your high school counselor or high school Dual Enrollment Coordinator.

  3. 3

    Clear the Fees

    The cost is $152 per credit hour; therefore, 3-credit hour course will be a total of $456 plus the cost of books. Students must clear fees online by check, credit, or debit card. Please see instruction sheet for procedure to clear your fees online.

  4. 4

    Purchase Your Book

     Books can be purchased online from the WCCS Bookstore and shipped to you. Click on the following link to purchase books from the WCCS Bookstore: http://wccs.bncollege.com/ Contact the Dual Enrollment official.

For information concerning Dual Enrollment offered at Wallace Selma please contact:

Academic Dual Enrollment

Kateri Lee
(334) 876-9283

To apply for Dual Enrollment or see our statement of eligibility for WCCS dual
enrollment, use the buttons below:

Technical/ECEP Dual Enrollment

What is dual enrollment and how would it help me?

Dual enrollment can help a student accelerate his or her educational goals, eliminate duplication between high school and college course content and increase the rigor and challenge of course offerings while in high school.
Dual enrollment enables high school students to simultaneously earn both high school and college credits for a single course.

Where are the courses offered?

The courses are offered at the College campus online and in various high schools. High school courses are only available to students who are enrolled at the high school.

What kind of courses are available?

Students can take academic college-level courses and/or career and technical courses. Depending on educational and career goals, students can earn college credits that are transferable to any public college or university within the state of Alabama and to most other public and private schools.

What does dual enrollment cost?

Tuition and academic fees for high school dual enrollment students is $138.00 per credit hour plus cost of books.

What are the eligibility requirements?

  • Students must attend a high school covered by an articulation agreement with Wallace Community College in Selma.
  • A student must be 10th, 11th and 12th grade with a 2.5 cumulative GPA,  must take a placement test for English and Math and turn in all the requested paperwork.

For information concerning Dual Enrollment offered at Wallace Selma please contact:

Technical Dual Enrollment